First week at my new job

Nice view – Chemo on the 5th floor at UCLA
Nice lighting – Waiting room
Like a hotel
NIce people – no pix yet; gotta work on those gals.

The day starts at 9:AM w/ two hours of poison and chemicals to keep me from vomiting.
Etoposide is the poison I will get 5 days/week for most or all of this; I’m not sure about that.
Today's cocktail

I then proceed to radiation in the building next door. However, they don’t have any fancy woodwork and lighting. Or windows. This is the bunker (two levels down) where there is no way to freshen up your day w/ that hotel lobby feel. Be on time; 4 machines and lots of customers. Some of which I have to wonder ………… why bother? Come on, if you’re 55 going on 80, gasping for breath, 100 lbs. overweight, and talking like a young draftee headed into his first battle, ……………….. let it go. You had 30 years to figure it out. If you did not, why burden yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your government (ALL of your neighbors) w/ this last-ditch effort to pull a rabbit out of the hat? I can assure you; many cancers are preventable.

And then some of us get a cancer that is diagnosed at a rate of 0.0062% every year in America; Sinonasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma. I am not a Chinese nickel miner, nor a Scandinavian woodworker. Just lucky, I guess.

So I am lead down the hall to Linac C, given my mouthpiece to separate my jaw by 1/4″, lay on the metal table, put my head in the wedge, then have my head covered w/ the custom-made mold (made of mesh) of my head/face, and lay there for about 20 minutes. Very still. Oh, I forgot to mention; the mold is strapped to the table. My head does not move. I can open my eyes and lips and I can try to swallow. Give it a shot; lay on your back, mouth open, and try to swallow that bit of saliva that is running off that mouthpiece that is pushing down your tongue and keeping your jaw open. “Breathe through your nose.”
Perhaps soon I can show you some pix of this set-up. I think you’ll like it.


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