The Onslaught

I’m starting to feel it.

By the middle of the second week, it started. A little constipation here, some fatigue there, hunger w/ a concurrent cannonball in my stomach, a scaly roof of my mouth, the sunburnt neck, etc. And I weigh 161 lbs. today.

After my plank time, I went over to the radiation clinic side and asked to speak to my Dr. (Steve Lee). He and most of the Dr’s were in Miami for some radiation conference, however his resident was there to see me. Dr. Lee and me are very lucky to have such a thorough, precise, and helpful resident physician; Julie Kang, M.D.

The takeaway? “We’re harming you, but it will pass someday.” In particular, she gave me a prescription for a mix of Lidocaine, Maalox, and Benadryl liquid that I may drink right before eating whenever it becomes painful to swallow. And, of course, I should now commence w/ baking soda gargles in order to help moisturize (a little) my mouth as time goes by.

And, about that constipation and weight loss? Just eat more. Forget all your healthy diet crap. Have a bowl of ice cream w/ chocolate-dipped Oreos that are deep fat-fried. W/ sugar on top.

She spelled it out: C A L O R I E S.

I told her I will not eat junk. But I do believe that there is a large supply of good, quality calories out there. Been to Whole Paycheck lately?

So my hair is still in place. I get tired more; yesterday I laid down on the couch for 5 minutes and woke up about 4 hours later.

I took my iPod in to the dungeon today so that they could play some of my music (no to Elton John!). On 6/26/94 at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas I had no idea that the Grateful Dead show I was attending would be the accompanying music to the clicks, clacks, and high-pitched BUZZ of a machine shooting radiation into my head. Funny how  things work.




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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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3 Responses to The Onslaught

  1. Heya Chuck, I just heard about “this” and just read through all of your postings! Please know that our thoughts and blessings are with you! I’m amazed about your blog, your spirit and your vulnerability of sharing your thoughts and experience with us. I believe that writing about this experience is a great method of processing all of this. Keep up the good work. Please know that we are with you every step of the way!

  2. Peggy Archer says:

    Food wise, how about avocados? They’re high (good) fat, high protein, and easily digestible.

    Also, they’re still in season here in SoCal.

  3. chucksnuc says:

    Avocados: There are three in the fridge right now (only b/c they were a bit ripe at the market)! I average one/day.

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