Drugs: for Onco-Club members only

As I have accumulated a bunch of drugs and drugstore items, I thought it would be a good public service to let you fellow Onco-Club members (no, not a blog reader ……. a cancer host) in on what works for me.

First off is skin care. The Radx is best. Hard to find. The Miaderm is good at night, as it is less oily and will not make such a mess on sheets, etc. The Emu oil is merely oil, but it has (supposedly) great reconstruction  properties. This I used a bit, but it will be used most once the punishment ends. For now, I do about 3-5 applications of the two creams/day, w/ Miaderm only at bedtime. Actually, all three of these are not in your local bullshit drugstore. Good luck. You’re smart; find ’em.

After the exterior sunburn, the interior is pain #2. I guess there is a whole new category of mouth care of which I was unaware: dry mouth. In my case, it comes w/ that evil thick saliva that makes all food taste terrible. So, I use their mouthwash and gum numerous times/day, and the toothpaste when I brush. The hydrogen peroxide I spray in the mouth when the sores start to hurt, or it just feels sort of unclean. The bubbling action feels sort of cheapthrill-like, and it’s fun to bend over and let a big wad of white bubbles into the sink. (I mentioned how life is diminished currently; didn’t I?) See more about cheap thrill below. The OmniGel is mouth-related, but not in a direct cancer sense; each night I put a bit into the upper and lower dental molds that were made for me. Then I wear the molds 5:00 in order to give the teeth a fluoride bath that will act as a tooth decay preventative. This is b/c my teeth are now in a diminished state (forever), and cavities/tooth decay will pose many ugly scenarios in the future.

The NeilMed is the other fun I have w/ home cancer care. Although, I must say, the novelty has worn off a bit, and I don’t really laugh anymore when I shoot water up one nostril and it pours out the other. Also, there is less visual stimulation these days, as the agitated, burnt inside of my nostrils seem to scab up harder and thicker. Previously, I could always marvel at the chunks of blood/scab/snot/etc that would come shooting out into the sink. For example, the other night I kept Brigitte awake most of the night as I coughed, hacked, spit (into that pornographic cup, you know), and made a couple visits to the bathroom in order to open up any sort of airway. The scabs were blocking the nostrils about 100%.

The Alkalol is/was sort of a novelty, as it smells of Vick’s VapoRub, and has a little sting, but I’m not sure if it did any good. I have always made a mixture of 3/8 tbsp. salt and 3/8 tbsp. baking soda into 1.5 litre of water, so that was just a bonus. But I did feel good about using a product from 1896. After all, I’m using 19th Century technology (yes, refined a bit) when I put myself before the Death Beam on a daily basis.

This was rec’d way back after my 1st operation by Dr. Finerman. It ain’t no miracle, and I’m not even sure what good it really does, but I like the VapoRub smell, and it may soften up the huge blood boogers I get.

Vicodin? That’s for kids. When the mouth sores get realllly bad, and the neck is one big sunburn scab, I reach for trusty ol’ MORPHINE. It’s not even in pill form. It’s a jar of liquid; freepour, baby! But I choose to use the marked plunger to take just the prescribed dose. I have come to realize that pain killers just do their job and deaden pain. There is no ‘high’ of any kind b/c it’s busy working. So if one wants to get high w/ a pain killer, one must be pain-free and choose to misuse that drug. I choose not.

These are most of the supplements or herbs that I take for fighting cancer over the long term. I have no opinion on any of them at this point.


There you have my regimen, so far. I’m open for comments or brilliant suggestions.



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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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6 Responses to Drugs: for Onco-Club members only

  1. Christine Kruttschnitt says:

    Chuck, I am glad you have your (stinging) sense of humor back (or maybe you never lost it, but mine was totally gone when I was reading your posts). Only two more days! What am I saying, today is almost over: LAST DAY TOMORROW! I am sure you will keep & need some of your pills and emulsions and sprays for a while, but the really bad, ugly, painful, disgusting, horrible part WILL BE OVER!!!
    I’ll drink to that tomorrow – and with you and Brigitte later, I am very sure about that.
    Chin up now

  2. e. compton says:

    Hi Chuck,
    Been following your progress and the one thing that is missing from your daily regimin is Vit D-3 !
    Also unless all those things in the photo are organic, they may not help.
    Pls see this link: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/12/01/Important-New-Vitamin-D-Research-Papers.aspx
    Since your treatment is at an end, you need to rebuild your immune system FAST and do major detox of your entire body via Cholrella:

    Hope this helps a bit,
    e compton

    • chucksnuc says:

      Hey, how are things in Cougartown?
      I have been to a naturoligist (sp?) named Stephen Steitler. I will go back to him this coming week, as the punishment is over. I’m sure he will have numerous remedies. I will mention D-3.

      Put in some good words for me; I’ll be back!

  3. Sam Woolsey says:

    I’m coming over you to your place… the party is obviously there!

    Glad to see you are coming down Mt. Doom

    • chucksnuc says:

      It’s a slow descent off the mountaintop, pardner!
      And this particular mountaintop does NOT allow you the view over into ……… The Promised Land. MLK did not speak of THIS mountain.
      So, what goes good w/ Morphine? Red Bull?

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