Let the Healing begin

Today the punishment ended.

Damien and Kristina are good people, and I’ll miss them.

I will not miss this:

The laser aligns w/ my head. The opening you see changes constantly as the entire head rotates around me. It may save me, but this True Beam is not my buddy. Its love is just a little TOO tough. I will not miss it.

So now the rebuild commences. Or soon; the radiation is in me and will not dissipate overnight. I’m 150 lbs. today, and tired.


About chucksnuc

If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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4 Responses to Let the Healing begin

  1. e. compton says:

    Yes…let the healing begin- no sugar- pure pure water 24-7- organic EVERYTHING- detox, detox, detox- more pure water- 8,000IU of Vit D-3 daily- sunshine sunshine sunshine- more water…..

  2. Bruce says:

    Heal away!

  3. johnny beyers says:

    You go, Girl!
    Y’all mushed through!
    H E A L . . .

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