Hurry up!

It has been almost two weeks since the end of radiation, and a month since chemo. Of course, it was the radiation that did the damage. Each day is a bit better, but not ENOUGH better. My Internet connection is fast; why can’t this damn body of mine slough off this damn poison and radiation fast too? Below the neck, I feel fine (for the most part). When is this damn saliva going to be normal? When are my nostrils going to deflate? When are these mouth sores stop pretending to be better, and just go away?

Some things are cooperating; swallowing is almost pain-free, phlegm is somewhat diminished, the skin on head/neck is back to normal (or better) due to the various oils/lotions I’ve been using.

But now I have a new condition that really thrills me; blepharitis. The Death Beam affected my tear ducts so that now the eyes don’t drain into the nose, but just overflow. I now put socks w/ rice in the microwave for :45 and then put them on my eyes in order to loosen up the junk in my ducts so that the eyes may drain properly. I wish I had brought the camera to UCLA the other day when I went to the opthamology dept. The Dr. put a plastic pipe (1mm or less) down my lower tear ducts (the drains, which are by the nose) and squirted. I then felt fluid go down my sinus/throat. I’m sure that would have been a real nice photo! Until this improves, I will be teary-eyed most all the time. I have to wipe occasionally just to be able to see. Or am I just turning Emo?

I am determined to get this G-Tube out before we go to Germany on 12/21/11. So I have been eating a bit since Thursday. Small starts. But tonight I will have a few bites of New York steak and some Broccoli. If we have any red wine in the house, now is the time to have the only alcoholic drink that I will ever drink again.

Yes, there will be some changes roun’ here. No sugar, no alcohol, no refined food, no white (more refined) foods, very little meat (chicken breast w/o skin, fish), no bad (animal) fats, etc. Just gettin’ my mind right, boss! Brigitte is a willing partner, but I have no problem whenever she wants something like a steak. These bites tonight may be my last. Whatever.

I am now in the process of growing younger. My Dad called tonight and said that I sounded my normal self for the first time in weeks. I’m guessing that my nose may be deflating a bit so I am not so nasal. Now if I could just stop looking into my Kleenex each time I blow my nose! At least I don’t do that in public, like ONE old man I know (are you reading this, Dad?). Once I can pull off that feat, I’ll drop about 15 years of age.

Hey, I weighed in at 152 the other day! With every day, there is another small step forward.

OK, enough crap from me today. No new pix, so I’ll leave you w/ this, my latest achievement.


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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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4 Responses to Hurry up!

  1. Christine Kruttschnitt says:

    Mr. Congeniality! I like your diploma. And I like it that you might like food again. What’s life without it. And getting younger is not bad either… Honor and strength, Chuck.

    • chucksnuc says:


      Yes, someday I will enjoy food again. Different foods. Or rather, some new foods, and none of certain foods that I may have eaten before. That’s OK; I don’t read Hardy Boys novels anymore either. Things just change.


  2. Lesli says:


    If ever there was a person who EARNED a diploma like this, it’s you. You are making great progress, I hope you photojournal that too. Every success, every step, no matter how small it seems, I celebrate it with you!! Did you think you would ever look forward to shaving?!?!?

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