My distasteful smoothie

This is the view of me every morning. Hey look; I have back both my jaw and my cheekbone! No, I’m not washing my face, just rinsing it. Even before I got punished by the Death Beam, I didn’t wash away the oils in my 51-year old face (that’s at night), and I sure don’t do it now. The strip on the nose is a desperate attempt to keep my airway open. It seems that the more vertical my head goes, the better I breathe. But sleeping w/ a bent spine does not appeal to me. It’s a situation in flux.

Went to Dr. Finerman; the nasal swelling is an infection. The Death Beam dried out the inner nose, it cracked, the snot picked up some crap blowing by, that was passed into my system through the cracks. This is similar to the airplane scenario due to the dry air on planes, only mine was supercharged. I will know soon if I have to take antibiotics, something I do NOT want to do.

And now, on to the subject for today. And the rest of my life.

I won’t be taking all of these supplements forever, but perhaps 4 or 5.

“Life Over Cancer” – Keith Block   It could be 1/3 as thick, but it does have good diet info.

These are almost all of the ingredients in the ‘smoothie’ that my naturopath (interesting; WordPress does not see this as a proper word) has told me to drink every morning. I know my saliva is still damaged, but I don’t think Jamba Juice will be putting this on their menu anytime soon. I make sure it’s got enough almond milk and coconut water to be thin enough to chug (and not taste until the end).

You should be able to read the labels. The granules are lecithin and the pretty bottle is turmeric. Sunlight, a Mason jar, orange powder, and a 100mm macro lens just made me take that last shot.

At certain points, I will  discontinue some of these, which is fine; this shit is not cheap. I’m in a ‘detox’ stage now, as I transit from my previous diet, that was fairly healthy, to a cancer diet. Apparently, I’m eliminating many harmful ‘toxins’ from my body w/ many of these ‘neutraceuticals’. Then later, I will be taking only a few supplements. I guess.

Diet; have I mentioned this previously? No sugar. Very little fat (red meat, bad oils). No refined carbohydrates (remember; they turn to sugar). Etc. There are many cancer-fighting foods w/ which I am becoming familiar. Someday when I get a better handle on how to eat and fight cancer, I’ll do a page on that.                         Someday.


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