G-Tube out, weight on, looking up

I engaged in a little subterfuge and got that damn gastrointestinal feeding tube removed a week or so earlier than planned (if a therapist won’t approve it sooner, find one of the many doctors you have who will!). It was in only about 5 weeks. Now I feel I am in charge of my path to recovery, and can start doing some real exercise w/o that damn tube bouncing around irritating my, uh, hole.

Speaking of that hole, it was about 2mm in diameter, stretching around the 6 or 7mm tube. And the wall of my stomach apparently is somewhat like a muscle, in that it was not really a hole, but rather a separation of the fibers. I guess it just closed up once that tube was pulled out. Or should I say yanked out. I laid back on my back, the nurse started to mess around down there, and I hear some wet sound. There she is holding the tube in her hand. I said, “Hey, is that it?! Lemme see that!”

She had to fetch it out of the waste basket in order to show it to me. About 2 1/2″ had been sticking inside me. Interesting, yet somewhat disgusting. Sorry, I didn’t take my camera that day. Maybe some good hole photography is in store. Ex-hole, actually.

So, I am now on a weightlifter regimen, w/o the excess. I have been told that I need lots of protein and calories to regain weight. In addition to my daily one hour of fast walking, I will commence w/ some weights soon, lightly. Each day I plan on some sort of flesh; bison, ostrich, lamb, chicken, fish. Lots of vegs that cancer hates. Good oils. Good carbs. I will toe the line between cancer diet and weight-gain diet. I’m sure there is one somewhere, and the two are not opposed; I just won’t gain super-fast or look like Chuck Atlas. Never did, and surely never will.

Now it’s all about me gaining weight, muscle, and stamina in order to ride coach to Berlin for 10 hours, brave some damn cold weather, and look non-scary for the in-laws (Hello Mutti! Your Xmas cookies LOOK great). The parents of Brigitte have not been told about my condition, as neither of us felt that constant worry and constant contact on their part would have a calming/soothing effect on me, the weakened one. They will find out a couple days before we touch down at Tegel Airport.

Brigitte tells me I should write about my white/gray hair that is now about 3/4″ long, but I don’t have any pix yet, and we want to  go take a walk. That will be #2 for me for the day; I’ve got a regimen, you know!

So, things are looking up. More to come.


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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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2 Responses to G-Tube out, weight on, looking up

  1. johnny beyers says:

    Way To Go.
    We’re proud of ya’ and continue to send prayers…
    ERIN and Doodah
    ” just a minuteeeeeeeee… I’m doing the dishessssss….. “

  2. Lesli says:

    If anyone can do it, it’s you! Keep up the good work. And it’s nice to see that you are clearly feeling better. That helps make for a Merry Christmas, to you and Brigitte both!

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