147 lbs.

I’m tired. A little chilly too. Sometimes when I bend over or sit up too quickly, I get real dizzy. This Onco-Slim diet is good, I’ll tell ya that. Here it is 2 months after radiation and about 3 months after chemo, and I’m STILL sporting that enviable concentration camp physique. And I AM eating to gain weight ……… within cancer patient reason.

We went to Germany and Switzerland for XMas. Two weeks of cold, gray, and rain probably did not help in the healing cause, and I am glad to be back in Sunny Southern California. While there, we ate at numerous exquisite restaurants (thank you Vatti and Mutti) and I’m sure I had too much butter and dairy, but the weight was just not forthcoming. I’m starting to think that just as I am still glowing (and thus must wait until Feb. or so for follow-up scans to detect any lingering tumors), the radiation that is still in me does what it wants. Fucked up saliva and dry mouth? Radiation says, “Yeah, that’s what I want. That dry mouth toothpaste you’re wasting money with is pretty cute.”

Can’t put on weight? “I like you thin, beeeotch. I want people to know that you’re MY bitch. No body fat and that special hair style says you all mine.” So I slowly, incrementally  fight the crab (Cancro – Greek for crab and cancer, sort of) w/ walking, weights, anti-cancer/weight gain diet, yoga, etc. And sleep. Sleep, nap, sitting in the sun (protected, of course). I think I’m about 70 now. That’s younger than the 95 I felt during the radiation treatment, so things are looking up. We’ll see if I make it back to the age of someone born  in Dec. 1959. Maybe, but there will remain a certain aged awareness (weariness?), I’m guessing.

OK, enough text for now. I have to go on my walk. And I still have to u/l some Onco-Slim diet pix for you viewing pleasure.

Notice the ghetto pants style. My 34/36 pants are a BIT loose these days. That belt has not more holes in it; my waist must be about 30 currently.




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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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