Sunday night pix

Just messing around w/ the camera and trying to find a decent place to shoot some portraits at home. In the dining table area two feet in front of the wall that has light on it. The key light is a 2″ oval orb above the table, about 18″ away from the talent (us). I have a 2′ x 2′ bounce card w/ silver Roscoflex S on one side that we each held at stomach level to put a little fill in the shadows. It’s nice when the talent takes part in his/her own illumination.

I’ll do a better version of Brigitte (hair, makeup, wardrobe) b/c she keeps getting requests for a portrait for the ‘our writers’ section of many magazines.

Oh, I now weigh 144 lbs. Have  I mentioned that yet? Eggs in the morning, flesh at night (leg of lamb tonight), potatoes, protein smoothies (w/ lots of expensive supplements), nuts, breads, etc  ………….. and I STILL do not add weight.


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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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3 Responses to Sunday night pix

  1. Christine Kruttschnitt says:

    But your hair is back! Funny hair, I admit. But hair nonetheless. And the color is….blonde?! Don’t even answer, you don’t have time, you must eat.

  2. johnny beyers says:

    Ricardo Maltaban… you remember what he said…?
    ” It’s not how you feel, it’s how you LOOK!
    Ya’ do CHUCKLES. The hair returning,
    4 lovable pounds, and that Blonde…
    very becoming. Hang-In!

  3. chucksnuc says:

    Yes, hair is returning. Where it returns is the interesting part!
    The 4 lovable pounds? When they leave me, they are not lovable. Not right now. Maybe someday, when I’m 25 lbs overweight, but that’s no time soon.
    Excuse me, I have to go lie down for 5 minutes.

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