Give me More, More, More

No, not “of your kisses”. This post ain’t about gettin’ lucky w/ your best gal, as is the Lefty Frizzell song (Give Me More More More (of Your Kisses). This post is about, ………….again, weight, food, calories, protein.

I went to the Motion Picture Home out in Woodland Hills to see Lesli Leder and Brittany Sansone, nutritionist. Brittany is the first nutritionist I have seen (this 50-mile visit was sort of a favor to Lesli) who had some knowledge to impart to me. And the crux of that knowledge? “Yup, 3000 calories/day sounds about right, and you might try this: whole milk, iron, D-3, and even let up sometimes on that sugar boycott.”

She appreciated (from reading this blog!) my homespun knowledge (as it is) of cancer and nutrition, and basically confirmed my outlooks, but reiterated (after about four Onco doctors at UCLA) that before I worry about feeding cancer I need to worry about feeding my body.

Straight home to make a turkey/cheese/olive panino w/ HOMEMADE mayonaise. It don’t get much more of a calorie/protein bomb than a fucking egg yolk and olive oil! And then I sprayed olive oil on the sandwich and pressed it in our panino pan. Oh, and more Rice Dream w/ ground almonds and blueberry jam.

Is this blog becoming just another food porn site?

Grinder is circa 1900 from the parents of my Mom. Grinds my almonds. In the past, it has ground many potatoes for Komla ( 4″ Norwegian potato dumplings w/ a chunk of ham inside).

I like the Rice Dream a little more. I’m seeking a whole milk ice cream w/ no refined sugar, nor synthetic sweetnener. Maybe w/ Stevia, or agave syrup, or some other syrup that is not TOO bad for me. Let me know.

Brittany said a good rate of weight gain is about 3-5 lbs./month.  OK, well then I guess I’ll be returning to work a while before I hit 160 lbs! Maybe somewhere around 150. I’ll just have to see how strong I feel. That, and the fatigue. We shall see. Exercise, eat, repeat.

Which means I gotta get up from this desk. Seeya.



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