Children and small dogs stay BACK!

Finally, on 2/23/12 I will get my follow-up scans; a PET scan, a brain MRI, and a full-body scan. Brigitte has been expressing concern lately that UCLA/Blue Cross have been negligent, as apparently SNUC is an ‘aggressive’ cancer that needs to be diligently monitored. So after about 10 emails, 20 phone calls, 18 voice mails, and two visits to the office, I have wrangled this big scan-fest at Tower St. Johns in Santa Monica.

So, no meals after 12:AM on 2/23, NO exercise during all of 2/22, a low-carb diet for all of 2/22, and oh, one more thing. Don’t be around, or in the same room w/ infants or puppies. “B/c after all, we are going to make you glow like Fukushima,  Mr. Mason. Maybe by 2/24 you can be in the vicinity of your dog, just not for too long.”

Is this just another form of job security for the growing industry of oncology? These days all I hear on NPR are sponsorship ads for hospital cancer treatment centers, and most buses seem to  be rolling billboards for the same. 250 years of Industrial Revolution has had some effects, and I think cancer is one that we are feeling now, w/ more prevalence in the future. Pollution of the air, land, water; radio waves and electromagnetic effects; stress; industrial farming and the poisoning of our bodies; much less physical activity, runaway overpopulation  — progress marches on. And cancer seems to adapt to many of our attempts to control it.

I have no concerns about the scan results. I’m feeling better everyday. There’s even a little  spit in my mouth now! And what has made me feel even better is getting booked for work in early March. I will be gaffing some spots for Mattel in El Segundo. Perfect job too; small sets, nice people, and Barbi hits her mark EVERY time.


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One Response to Children and small dogs stay BACK!

  1. johnny beyers says:

    Gaffin’ some BARBIE Spots!
    Now, you’re back to the Land-Of-Oz…

    We’ll be thinkin’ of ya’-Chuckles.
    D. & Mrs.D.

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