Life in the new mode

As I slowly recover and function more in the world, I’m encountering some changes. Ever walk into a bar and not order a thing? ANYthing w/ alcohol? Nah. Sugar? No. Snacks? Probably processed corn and other chemicals. As it turned out, I was not there to revel, I was there to scout a band that perhaps I could talk into performing at an American Cancer Society fundraiser/awareness event. Through a political process (me trying to ingratiate myself into the machine of an L.A. city councilman), I have found myself being a volunteer for this event called Relay For Life. I chose the job of Entertainment Chair. So far, I don’t need to study my Robert’s Rules of Order b/c the committee is only me. I don’t even have a co-chair yet. Wanna volunteer? It will be like this –
So I am going to various open mics and bar performances in the hope of finding people w/ some sort of musical talent playing a music the I like (I AM the chair, after all!). String bands, jazz, folk, bluegrass, show tunes, any good music that is not bad music. What is bad music, you ask? It comes in many forms, but fortunately I can spot it easily since I have such exquisite, discriminating taste. Then the problem is finding smart people playing smart music that will do it for FREE. Whenever I say that it’s for a good cause I feel like another scumbag Hollywood producer trying to find crew to work on his super-low budget show; “It’s a really great script and we’ve got a few talented people attached to it already!”
Anyway, I did 5 days of work last week and this. I had no problems. Fortunately, it was an easy job w/ an outfit I know well, and there were no unpleasant surprises. One thing I may need to work on is sitting in a chair right on set near the camera, and then falling completely asleep, head bobbing down and all. No drool, fortunately. But I sort of feel, and was informed in a subtle manner, that perhaps it’s not a real polite or respectful mode of conduct to sleep while directors direct and talent emotes. Good thing I’m still sporting a grown-out radiation bald head hair style. But in a month or so I’ll have lost that look and will be just another fella w/ a short haircut. Then I guess I’ll have no more signal that I’m just a poor cancer survivor and everyone should treat me w/ highest deference and kindness. Oh well. I think I’ll be OK.
Hey, I am up to 148.2 lbs! And still no sugar. Fat, yes. Eggs, hell yeah. Flesh, daily. Actually, yesterday we had farro (I’m discovering lots of new foods) w/ vegetables and no meat/fish, I think. It happens occasionally. I’m not in a super rush anymore; 3-5 lbs/month will probably be my weight gain, and that’s it. But today we did have pho for lunch, and no, not chicken pho. Beef, baby! And lots of it!
Oh, I found a cool shop in my part of town; sort of rockabilly/swing styles of clothes and hats too.
The owner is a good guy; we talked about hats for 1/2 hour, and I learned quite a bit. I’m thinking about a felt LBJ hat someday……………. after all, my head has received 100% of my lifetime share of radiation. Hats will be a part of my future too.
I’ll be that skinny sport in the hat who never has a drink and eats some unusual stuff. OK w/ me.
Excuse me while I go drink some milk w/ cream on the top.


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One Response to Life in the new mode

  1. johnny beyers says:

    1 4 8 . 5 lbs ?
    What a Pig!
    ( chuck, I’m “HERE”. Call me when you can… )

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