Hair pix; me and the bitch

Even though it was gray outside, I figured we should shoot my disappearing radiation hairdo and the bitch’s hairy belly before it gets sliced on Sunday.

Wrinkles and red skin. Time, face cream, and lots of water (drunk) should reduce that. Eventually.

And here is my new straw hat w/ a big 5″ brim. It has the ‘Open Road’ (aka LBJ) hat dimples in it, but the hat man told me it is just a cowboy hat. More leather vests and Wrangler shirts for Chuckie? Brigitte would find that so charming!

We are taking Suzy down to San Pedro on Sunday at 6:30 AM. Traffic shouldn’t be a problem. We have taken two dogs we fostered to the same pet clinic. A very smooth operation for spay/neuter operations. Those two dogs had no complaints and were ……………….. oh, they were  both males. Well, let’s hope that this bigger operation on Suzy won’t be TOO traumatic. If you’ve been reading for long, you know that I have LOTS of kick-ass drugs for any discomfort she may experience. Just what is the volume of liquid Morphine for a 5-month old 20 lb. dog? I’m sure it will be fine.

So here is Suzy’s belly, pre-scar. Hopefully, she won’t be too self-conscious about it later on when she is a teenager. That’s about 6 months away.


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3 Responses to Hair pix; me and the bitch

  1. johnny beyers says:


  2. Christine Kruttschnitt says:

    Male optimism: to reduce wrinkles with cream and water…sigh. If it works, let me know what water you are drinking. But you look like yourself again, and you finally match your two full haired girls again! — Greetings from Sedona: Great hiking trails everywhere, red dust the color of Suzy’s coat.

  3. chucksnuc says:

    Sedona. Ah, Schnebly Hill Road. Been in many Westerns, including the Western on which I worked in 1986.

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