Hat & Fat

It’s been a while, dear reader.

I went to Dallas in order to see my Dad and brother for XMas. And XMas is a lot nicer in April than December. Like I said in Berlin last December, “Let’s have XMas next year in June.” Damn, it was cold. But Dallas in April is actually pleasant. Well, it was nice for me. I guess about 10 minutes after the plane took off from DFW all hell broke loose in Big D. Something about warming gulf waters putting more moisture into the air above Texas meeting storms coming west………………. I wonder how long they can keep denying that 200 years of Industrial Revolution may have had some effect on the atmosphere. Drought, tornadoes in April, brown skies over flat plains, etc. But it may be getting through to some, I must have seen at least TEN Priuses on this 6-day trip! Twice as many as I saw last year.

It is interesting how people decide enough is enough. Here I am in the middle of life changes, some rather big, in order to save myself. And there sits my Dad in his electric stand-up LazyBoy, seemingly of the mind that his time is about up. He shares that attitude w/ Brigitte’s father in Freiburg, even though Werner is 11 years younger. But they both share declining control over certain muscles and functions that could possibly have been addressed 20 years ago before things became chronic. But hey, my Dad is 91, smoked for about 30 years, and has never really done any exercise; he has not been cheated in life. When my brother and I told him that he could perhaps improve his general health and functionality through some diet changes, his response was, “I’m not interested in any of  that.” And I understand.

But I currently AM interested. Interested in being a pig. But a healthy, anti-cancer pig.

No, it’s not swine. This is Easter Sunday, after all. Brigitte’s stomach is a good Catholic, even if the stomach’s host decided long ago to leave the church in Germany in order to not be taxed from her paycheck (she was baptized in the Catholic church).

Oh, but maybe there is not enough fat for Chuck in that lamb ………………………..

I’m stuck at 147 lbs, so don’t give me any grief just yet. And we ARE having a lot of organic vegetables w/ it. But take a look and see if I am on the verge of obesity. I look more like Iggy Pop right now. I lift weights and feel stronger, but I can’t lose that heroin addict look.


Back to Texas —- I have been looking at hats lately. I went to a Resistol/Stetson outlet store in Garland, TX. There I agonized over spending lots of money ($150; I’ve been out of work 6 months) on an LBJ hat, and passed for some reason I forget. Later that evening while at Dad’s apartment in his old folks’ home I noticed a hat up in his closet. It was an LBJ hat that he bought in the early 70’s soon after we moved to Dallas. I don’t recall ever seeing it. It was a size 7 1/4, my current size w/ this hairdo. It is no longer to be referenced in the past tense. It is now mine. Thanks, Dad.

It is not an ideal sun hat (3″ brim), but I always thought LBJ looked good in it, and so do I. Notice the Fort Worth Crease in front. There’s one in back too. Haven’t decided if I want to keep that or not. I’m a simple man, after all. That, and perhaps lower the brim some in order to get more sun coverage. Tell me what you think.


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7 Responses to Hat & Fat

  1. Christine Kruttschnitt says:

    Now you only need a rifle and a pony. Very handsome. But the hat must look a bit more rugged, I think – maybe cross a desert with it…? Or let Suzy take care of it?

  2. Lisa Burns says:

    Glad you got to visit your Dad and really glad you missed all the tornados. That was a wicked storm. Not sure what this means but Bob is also hanging around 147 on the scale these days and like you he says he feels great. While I admit I still try to think of ways to sabotage the treadmill, it does make one wonder about our definition of “healthy” weight. Our bodies know better than we do. Maybe ya’ll are just burning tons of calories because your body is busy repairing and healing. I applaud you both for continuing to eat REAL food that nourishes the body. Keep up the good work –
    Bob had a 2nd scan last week. Results were “uneventful” and all good.

    Very cool hat-

  3. johnny beyers says:

    YEE – HAW!
    Get along – little buddy!

  4. John says:

    Eisenhower wore those too. The Open Road is the best hat going. ‘Specially if you’re from Texas. Looks good on you and everyone else with enough stones to rock it. You Scored getting one vintage that clean. “Cowboy” and “dogie” remarks betray the insecurities of those making them, I’ve come to realize.

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