Iggy Pop body fat

OK, I’m not quite as chiseled at Mr. Pop, but his is the physique that I feel I am currently emulating. Maybe it was the heroin that gave him those stretch marks on his belly. And those popping veins? Is he always angry? Basically, I am now bones and a few muscles. I wonder if he gets cold whenever the temp goes below 60? Judging from this photo, I’d say he’s good until about 53 degrees.

Once again, I encourage you to click on that Onco-Slim link at the top of this page. Maybe I can figure out a way to team up w/ UCLA Radiology and make some real money! I AM in West L.A., after all.

I went to my ENT Dr. today. I’m (my nose, at least) looking good, nay, better than expected. Great; now how about if my nose stops closing up when I lay down to sleep? I don’t hear a lot of it (sleeping, you know), but Brigitte is having way too many nights w/ little or no sleep due to my numerous noises. I took him the report from my most recent scans at Tower Imaging. The word ‘chronic’ was used a few too many times. ‘Sphenoid sinus mucosal thickening are noted, likely chronic.’ ‘Mild/moderate pansinus disease, likely chronic.’ I disagree! Anyway, Dr. Finerman’s response was, “We’ll see.” With cancer, it appears that this is a common outlook. It’s a smart disease/virus/imbalance/whatever, and it knows how to game the system in order to succeed.
Just like us.
Excuse me, I have to go make some sugar-free, fake-sugar-free chocolate. W/ a favorite antioxidant, almonds.

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