Work, Food, Sunscreen, and the Hat

Now I’m really back. I just did two days this week on an IATSE television show. Big crew, lots of trucks, well-known talent w/ her own glamour crew, etc. The Client List.

It was a couple of days at a country club way out in Thousand Oaks. Money. Surrounded by big-box houses in the hills. Walking through the various clubhouses and restaurants of the club, I felt like I was in 19th Century England. The bookcases even held old tattered editions of old tedious books to appear like what the average TV viewer thinks is a library/sitting room for the landed gentry. Only it was not set dressing; it was how they chose to decorate. Money. How exurbia likes to show it in SoCal.

Anyway, I did just fine for those two days, as they were two days of Day EXT; not really a lighting tour-de-force. My big worry was making sure I didn’t fall asleep while reading my Kindle in the sunshine (Steve Jobs bio). Almost once, but I caught myself before it was too late. BTW, I fell in w/ most of the whole damn crew  by staring down at my hands while in between set-ups. Almost everybody on a film set now wastes, I mean passes, time by watching stupid videos or playing games on their iPhone. My Kindle fits in my hand, and back pocket, so I’m cool. Heaven forbid that I would read the newspaper or a magazine while on set; that indicates a crewman who is not paying attention, or doesn’t care about doing his job. iPhone: it’s cool.

My big 5″ brim cowboy hat got used for those two  days. Sunscreen was carefully applied also. It all worked fine.

When I took a small container of quinoa and kale to lunch, that brought some questions or comments from my brothers w/ whom I was eating. That, in turn, lead to a discussion about diet and cancer. Genuine concerns and questions about cancer ensued. Then came the listing of personal ailments and trials of others. Man, disease and cancer are all around us! And at that same table sat the reason why: intransigence and laziness. Just like my old Dad, there was a fellow worker who just didn’t want to bother. Only this man was maybe 51, instead of 91. Among his ailments was emphysema; he smokes. He is obese; he had two desserts. And those were just two big mistakes that I observed. I know there are others. I think part of this problem goes back to that old man I saw in the waiting room for radiation treatment (see beginning of this page). He had obviously lead a life of poor choices, and was then in the middle of hoping that some high-priced doctor and high-priced technology was going to save him. Save? Maybe even make better! Just like Lee Majors in the 1970’s – The 6 Million Dollar Medicare Man. Hell, Uncle Sam will even pay for it! Now THAT is some medical insurance reform that I think is direly needed. (I’m not too happy w/ my choice of adverb in that last sentence)

As this is supposed to be a blog that recounts the experience of a cancerman, here are a few new twists:

-when I blow my nose too hard, pressure is deflected somewhere in my sinuses. My left eye is pushed out some and tears flow from my eye.

-my legs sometimes tingle, as when waking up after going asleep. It’s called paresthesia. Maybe just in the thigh, maybe the full length, maybe 5 seconds or maybe 60 seconds.

OK, I have to go do some yardwork now. Damn bamboo trees. We spent money to put them in, and now we’re thinking about removing them. Do you know where I  can get some Napalm?


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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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One Response to Work, Food, Sunscreen, and the Hat

  1. Bert Munoz says:

    Hi Chuck- all the best to you on your recovery. My name is Bert and I’ve enjoyed your blog since January when my brother in law David was diagnosed with SNUC. Simply, if there’s a opportunity to speak by phone, PLEASE call me at 323-855-0147. There are things I need to share for your awareness, and also a few questions I have. I am here in Los Angeles, and am sad to report that we lost our David on April 13th. I thank you in advance for your consideration, and hopefully, we’ll soon talk.



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