I got a mail (I think you can see it as a comment on the previous entry) from a reader in L.A. His brother was diagnosed w/ SNUC in January. Soon after they found this blog. It apparently fulfilled a purpose upon which I had been hoping; sharing information and experience on living w/ cancer. I’m not sure if I offer any specific info on SNUC, but rather the trials of one who is living w/ a condition that is trying to kill him.
In this case, I’m afraid the brother may have discovered his cancer too late, as it metastasized rather quickly after the tumor was blasted w/ poison and radiation. The original tumor was regressing, but soon thereafter many others appeared along the length of his spine. He died on 4/13/12.
‘Sorry’ is a word that is losing its meaning (“Oh my god, I am SO SORRY, you guys”), and I will not use it here. I was heartened to talk to the brother of a cancer victim (as opposed to a volunteer who smokes and eats at McDonalds) who told me this blog offered some info, some insights, but really just some sharing of a difficult experience.
And the death of Bert’s brother, David, has only redoubled my aim to lead a good anti-cancer lifestyle. I do what I can, and that is my diet and how I maintain my body. No sugar, no simple carbs, no alcohol, lots of good vegetables, and much less flesh.
I’m even volunteering for an American Cancer Society benefit in Venice on 6/9/12; The Relay For Life. I’m the ‘Entertainment Chair’. All the music performed will be top-notch. Why? Because I chose the bands! If you want to come by and see lots of people walking around a track at a high school, I’ll be the guy on the field wearing a big hat.
We never met, but we are brothers in a sense. Members of the SNUC cancer elite; here’s to you, David.


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2 Responses to Sharing

  1. Victoria says:


    Thank you so much for this beautiful post. David was my husband and the father of our two daughters (ages 2 and 5). To say he is missed is an understatement.
    Thank you for your blog, I shared it with David and he found it comforting to read about someone he could relate to in this fight against a horrible disease.
    I’m glad you were able to get some good music for the relay, David loved music, even made his own iPod radiation mix: “David’s Rad Radiation Mix”.

    Thank you again,


  2. chucksnuc says:

    I feel honored by you Victoria, your brother, and your husband. Just trying to help, and do a little self-counseling at the same time.
    Now, I had a nice set-up at the Sunburn Dungeon; my iPod fit into a boombox that they had in the DeathRay room. W/ a few exceptions, I played the entire Grateful Dead show from Cornell College on 5/8/77. I might have even played the 17:00 version of ‘Dancing In The Streets’ a few times! 33 days add up. I turned it UP, almost enou ………… well, not really enough to drown out the sound of that evil machine that was pointing at me.

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