Brigitte says I should probably start thinking about going on a diet. Seems that she can see actual weight gain. Sure enough a neighbor’s scale showed 152 lbs! That’s three pounds in about one month, right as predicted. Three pounds w/o going crazy w/ flesh, eggs, bacon, etc (a ‘w/’ and ‘w/o’ in one sentence; you’re welcome).
Today I did a job downtown at the Edison, a bar I should have visited after the first time I was there working (Entourage, I think). http://www.edisondowntown.com/main.htm Now I can’t drink even the virgin cocktails; simple syrup, you know.
Anyway, it is 39 steps from the alley (I don’t think there is even a sign out front) down to the bar. No elevator. GOOD workout. In the morning we saw numerous downtown loft dwellers jogging down the alley carrying 25 lb. balls. They pay some gym for that. Me? -I did the Club 728 (IATSE union) workout; earn while you burn! And I feel good.
It also feels really good to be a working stiff again. I want more work, but sometimes Hollywood just gets a bit slow. It is that time of year.
OK, I’m being called to a dinner of Black Bass, kale, and sweet potatoes.


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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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