Wave goodbye

Brigitte says the waves and curls are just a bit too much. Take a look now, b/c they will soon be gone. As I don’t see my own hair except when I’m brushing my teeth, it doesn’t matter to me. We’ll see what Brigitte wants as my new hair style. And then we’ll see what Ol’ Onco (you remember him from my dry mouth/cachexia days, now I’ve decided to give him a name) wants.

This little bit of Internet nonsense took another hour of Photoshop trial and error. Now I’m an animated GIF-making motherfucker!

I’m making up for lost productivity. When not working (for money), I’m doing the usual homeowner chores. This week I’m making a gate to replace one on the north side of our house. It’s fun to be a craftsman who is not in a hurry. Measure twice, cut once. Think long. Pix to come.

The cancer is still, and always, in me; it’s just asleep. So this blog gets to divert to things of quotidian life. No drama, just life. But have no fear, health insurance tribulations and American Cancer Society volunteer work will keep me somewhat on-topic in the coming days. Stand by.

Oh, what’s your opinion of my new hair?


Bobby Ewing, eh? So says a  faithful reader from Berlin, Germany. I think Angela Merkel is a big Dallas fan.

Like this?

Or this?

My hat is better. And my Western shirt is a WRANGLER, not some Korean knock-off w/ buttons instead of pearl snaps!

I haven’t had to cut the hair yet. Maybe after I show these sexy pix to Brigitte, it will be growing out into that beautiful 70’s style. Just a little bit of ear showing, so it’s not too hippy.


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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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2 Responses to Wave goodbye

  1. johnny beyers says:

    ” Oh, what’s your opinion of my new hair? ”

    … gay …

  2. daniel says:

    bobby ewing, season 1

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