ACS disappointment

This last weekend I had to apologize a lot.
I was Entertainment Chair of the American Cancer Society fundraising/awareness event called Relay For Life. I was recruited for this event by a member of Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s staff. Glad to support cancer research, glad to ingratiate myself w/ the my councilman’s office, glad to recruit talented non-pop musicians to perform. NOT glad to do all this for work over months (scouting talent) in order for them to perform on a football field for NOBODY.
The American Cancer Society failed in numerous ways:
-Little publicity of the event. I live about 6 blocks from Venice High and saw no signs in shop windows, no posters, not even signage AT the event on the day.
-Poor recruiting of ‘teams’ that actually do the walking around the track on the day. There were only four, after four months of recruiting time.
-Poor recruiting of vendors. No food vendors on site, no medical vendors w/ information about their services. Whole Foods donated some pantry items for snacking, but it was not made obvious w/ signs or banners.
The bands and jam sessions that I had recruited over about four months ended up playing for themselves, and me, the the soundman, and about 15 ‘team’ members who just sat under their awnings and chatted among themselves. It was depressing. And embarrassing.
Yes, much of the work on this ACS event was volunteer, like mine. And there were only four committee chairs, myself included, even though about 8 committees needed to be filled. If there are not enough volunteers for the event to be run properly, ACS should step in and fill those positions, or cancel the event. As it was, I can’t imagine that there was much money, nor anti-cancer consciousness raised.
Yes, I guess advertising DOES matter.
OK, I’m done ranting.
More about hair and food later!


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2 Responses to ACS disappointment

  1. johnny beyers says:

    Very, very sad. Please send your comments to B.Rosen-whatz-hiz-name and his little assistant who preyed on your situation in order to accomplish . . . Whatever! Really Pathetic.
    ( I did like the pics . . . )

    • chucksnuc says:

      Nope, the fault lies not w/ Rosendahl’s office. He appears to me to be a good man who well represents his constituents. Ditto for his assistant, Mark (who is not little, even after cancer woke up in him).
      Matter of fact, the short speech that Mark gave at the start of the day was the best part of the event, aside from the excellent music.
      I was recruited, and gladly performed. It was ACS who did not perform.

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