Like old times at UCLA, now at Tower St. John’s Imaging

Ah, the old times. Only now it’s Old Times Lite. No more poisoning. Not too much. No more radiation. Not too much. But still loud-ass sci-fi machines and IV’s of imaging liquids (Gadolinium) to allow better viewing of ………. cancer?
Here are shots of the very loud MRI machine. I’m glad they provide ear plugs.  The head cage gave me warm feelings for the one I used to wear down in the Sunburn Dungeon (it’s now hanging in my garage).

And here is an image of my head. Whaddya think?

Then it was time to feed the meter (Santa Monica, you know) and on to the PET/CT scan. I was so happy to be getting a CT after just reading an article in the new Time about the overuse of CT’s and the amount of radiation. “Oh, but this is much less than the old CT’s,” says the earnest technician.

“Right this way, Mr. Mason.”

“You remember from last time; no babies or small doggies for a while.”

Then a little refreshment: it’s a smoothie, see!

This is the radioactive liquid that will enhance the imaging. Says ‘creamy vanilla’ on it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Also says ‘barium sulfate suspension’. Mmmm.

Then I get tucked in (that machine likes it cold), and it’s another 33:00 or so. Not quite as loud as the MRI machine. I could have listened to some music if they had a stereo. That would be nice; wouldn’t it?

Another $11,296 billing and $3018 payment. That information right there indicates a couple problems w/ our current health care/payment system.

So now I guess I’ll have to go see my chemo Dr. in a few days to be told that everything is fine. But if I get booked for work on that same day, I’ll miss that appt.


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One Response to Like old times at UCLA, now at Tower St. John’s Imaging

  1. Bert Munoz says:

    Looking good Chuck. My sister and I are always thinking of you! Peace brother…


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