No news, trains, and fat

I wasted 2 1/2 hours recently at UCLA; my chemo Dr. telling me that the scans revealed nothing. Actually it was ‘we’, as Brigitte went along to be there for this important report. Whatever.

I’m eating right, drinking right, exercising right, and thinking right; next time I think I’ll just make a phone call.

I’m not even concerned about my weight; 150 lbs. I feel fine, am lifting weights for that special Iggy Pop look, and am about 80% on stamina/energy toward the end of the day. I was gaffing some boring interviews last night and laid down (on two furny pads) at around midnight. I came to at 1:AM. They were just finishing. I got up, saved the lights, and went home. No harm, no foul.


The other day was the first day of service at the most western station of the Expo Line.

I felt like I live in a real city. I got on at National/Washington and rode to 7th & Flower in downtown L.A. 29 minutes. A walk around the block and back on the train headed west. Someday I’m going to park at the station and go to work on public transportation. Well, if the job is near the station, and if trains are running when we wrap. And I don’t need to carry much gear to work. THEN I’m gonna do it! I’ll be so cosmopolitan as I read my Kindle on the way to and from work. Like in a big city. Like a city that plans for the future and thinks about quality of life for its citizens.


Speaking of quality of life, I saw that of which I have been reading in the paper; obesity. Disgusting, out-of-control obesity w/ no concerns or efforts to control it. It IS a social phenomenon, I guess. It certainly is a class-related thing.

The Expo Line goes along Exposition Blvd., which traverses areas that seemed be largely black and lower middle-class. The obesity was alarming. Living 1.5 miles from the ocean (high real estate values), one does not see this very much. In areas w/ less money and less education you can see very easily the results of cheap fast food vs. not-cheap whole foods that one has to seek out at a farmers market or upscale grocery store. Of course, there are dirt-poor people in Peru or Vietnam, but they are not bombarded w/ subsidized corn products, sugar, and the advertisements that promote them. Michelle Obama is doing great work w/ diet/nutrition, and we should ALL support that.

After all, those whales are going to cost you and me more than a healthy person.

A race thing? No, I see and think the same thing every  time I go to Dallas. North Dallas w/ all of its white, non-poor Republicans in their 12 mpg vans. Cultural/social thing, you know.


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2 Responses to No news, trains, and fat

  1. johnny beyers says:

    2 1/2 hours…. No Waste of Time. Hell, I’d waste all-day to hear… ” You’re doing very well! “. Thank goodness you are, HomeBoy! Stay Healthy!

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