A Dead dream

On Sunday I was in the back yard doing something semi-worthwhile. The wind was a bit gusty occasionally.
“Hey”, I said to myself, “that sounds like the Dead.”
This went on for a few minutes. “That sounds like ‘Bird Song’. And it sounds live.”
And it sounded good!
I told Brigitte that I had to go investigate. I got on my bike and followed the sound. About ten blocks to the southwest I came upon a block that was blocked off w/ a kids’ air jumping house (no clue what those things are called) at one end, and a band standing in the street in the middle of the block. I slowly glided my bike toward them and felt that it was 1983. At a Grateful Dead show w/ bunches of kids running around. No smell of pot; I was a little disoriented. They were playing an original tune that I did not recognize, but the sound was 99% Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Brent Mydland, and Bill Kreutzman (only one drummer, not two). The guitar player (Jim ?) was playing a guitar that was made to emulate Garcia’s tone, down to the type of wood used. And he played it very well. I was standing in the middle of the street reliving one of the 27 Dead shows that I attended. But I had never been able to walk around the band and watch them from the side and back.
It was fantastic. They were The Dead.
Brigitte and Suzy even showed up, as I called and said that I would be here for a while. Sure, Suzy was excited to see me (more than 10:00 apart, and it may as well be two days), but I think I saw here sort of shake her hips like a stoned hippy chick in a long flowing dress. I’m pretty sure that’s what she was doing.
I made the acquaintance of a fellow Dead Head who heard it from HIS house also. And I think most of the block there were at least familiar w/ the Dead. On Sunday, my opinion of this part of town went up exponentially.
The keyboard player knows Robert Hunter (Dead lyricist), who is supplying him w/ some songs. BTW, he lives on that block also; they were playing directly in front of his house. They call themselves Crater Mountain, and there is NO trace of them online. They will be recording and releasing a CD soon. When it comes out, you will be advised.
Man, my interest in pop music has gone to zero, and I don’t care. Since 1995 (’94 actually), I have seen very little live music. I really should do so, but ……………. There Is Nothing Like A Grateful Dead Concert.


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2 Responses to A Dead dream

  1. johnny beyers says:

    Chuckles— I did not know you were a DEAD Fan. That…really says a lot! You are an old hippie!

    • chucksnuc says:

      ’78 Dallas to ’94 Las Vegas, and 25 shows in between.
      Great musicianship, great improvisation, (mostly) great songs, (only one) great acid trip. Of course, the show at which I took the acid (6/24/95 in Vegas) was my all-time best show; beautiful sunset, the music, the dancers in the crowd, etc.
      Hey, I am seeing the first ad on this site, just about 10″ above here. Internet is the new TV.

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