Foodporn – Coleslaw

Brigitte is out of town (father’s birthday, and seeing her family and friends), so it is now time for Chuckie to go on a garlic orgy. She is allergic to garlic, and one does not eat garlic if one’s mate does not.

I recalled one of the best coleslaws I’ve ever had; a garlic bomb from Vincent’s Seafoods in Dallas in 1979, when I was hired to learn and become a bartender. That skill helped me pay the bills as I went to college.

How did I  get the recipe? I found the one remaining Vincents, called, told them I was an ex-employee, and asked if they could email the recipe.

“Well, we don’t have any of email, or nuthin’,” said the old gal who answered the phone. “Can you hold on a minute?”


One minute wait.

“OK, you ready?”

“Yeah, sure.”

She then gave me the recipe, adding that the mayo needs to be ‘high quality’ and it’s just ‘vegetable oil’, don’t know about what kind of vegetable.

Cabbage (crisped aka cold)- 1 gallon
Water – 1 qt.
Apple cider vinegar – 2 cups
Salt – 5 tbsp
Mayo – 2 cups
Vegetable oil – 3 cups
Fresh ground garlic – 1/4 cup

Well, I wasn’t about to go back to Whole Paycheck for  the second time in one day, so I improvised w/ quantities (1/2 gallon of cabbage) and the oil I had on hand (grapeseed and olive) and the vinegar (white balsamic and rice). All I can say is don’t worry TOO much about anything except the GARLIC, baby! Raw. Raw garlic. Raw garlic that packs a punch and makes you strong.

This takes some of  the torment out of bachelorhood for me and Suzy. Well, just me. Suzy still often stares at the door to garage, waiting for Brigitte to return.

I think I’ll have it as the main dish for lunch tomorrow. Wanna kiss?


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2 Responses to Foodporn – Coleslaw

  1. Linda says:

    Love Vincents
    Do you know how to make the cheese toasties?
    Moved from Dallas and miss my Vincents

  2. chucksnuc says:

    Moved from Dallas myself, and don’t miss a thing.
    You know that Vincent’s is now just another strip mall box in Plano or someplace up north. Have not been there.
    If you’re in L.A., go to Smoke House in Burbank for your cheese bread. Or Clearman’s Steakhouse in the San Gabriel Valley for something similar.
    I don’t eat those goodies (white bread) anymore (read my extensive posts on letting food be my medicine), but they were good in my past life.

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