Hat, Stones, and the rocking of

Here is someone (is that you, Sheriff?) who is willing to read back more than two days. He wrote this about the photo of me in the LBJ hat that I posted a few months ago.

——— Eisenhower wore those too. The Open Road is the best hat going. ‘Specially if you’re from Texas. Looks good on you and everyone else with enough stones to rock it. You Scored getting one vintage that clean. “Cowboy” and “dogie” remarks betray the insecurities of those making them, I’ve come to realize. ———

I’m not sure I agree w/ his assessment of people who comment about me and my hat, but it’s always nice to get comments. Stones to rock it? Damn, I think I’ll be wearing that hat more often! “Just 153 lbs, but he has got the stones to rock it,” says the easily-impressed debutante as I pass by.

Here is a photo of Ike that he also sent me.

Man, they DID have some style back then! 3 or 4 shades of blue and that tight check pattern: nice.


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