Rupert at the Woodland Hills Old Grips Home

Today’s LATimes says that Rupert Murdoch (pictured w/ his Asian daughter, uhhhh, wife) has just done some PR work in Hollywood by tossing $20,000,000 to the Motion Picture & TV Fund. Good move. A lot of that money may go to the Woodland Hills old folks home that is for Hollwood talent and crew that are …………. old. It’s a good concept for an industry full of free-lancers who do not work at one company for 35 years, and get retirement benefits. It is in conjunction w/ the unions that work in Hollywood. Oh yes, I support my union!
He gets good feelings from a lot of HW big shots (Clooney, Spielberg, Cruise, Wasserman, Katzenberg, etc.) and film workers like myself. I’m gonna have good thoughts for him until the next egregious lie from Fox News comes out. Really, I am. The old guy is perhaps starting to see the effects of some of his decisions in the past, and maybe is thinking about what his legacy will be. I don’t think the tall, thin gold digger seen w/ him in many photos will be spending all of her time and effort promoting his good name after he checks out.
There is even a reader of this humble blog that may benefit from ol’ Rupert’s largesse. Bigger staff, Lesli? New furniture?
That reminds me; I’m due for my annual check-up at the Westside MPTF clinic. Hmm, maybe I need some XRays. CT scans? Maybe just some radioactive liquid to drink. “Mr. Mason, it seems that you are glowing. We’re going to have to take some scans in order to see just how much. Don’t go near babies or puppies for the next week.”


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