Ah, healthcare!
I just got the bill (THIS IS NOT A BILL) from St. John’s Health Center. That, you recall, is the Emergency Room that I visited on 7/3/12 after the dizziness, diplopia, etc. Scroll down for all that.
Here are some highlights:
$2589.80 – Cat Scan Head
$6146.00 – MRI Brain
$2147.00 – Emergency Dept. Fees (would that be the same for 5 stitches on a cut?)
Labs, pharmacy make up the rest for that impressive total you see in the title.
THIS IS NOT A BILL because St. John’s is billing MPIHP (Motion Picture Industry Health Plan – haven’t I told you that already?). In the past, I would pay nothing. As healthcare gets to be more of a racket, I imagine that I will be on the hook for SOME of this; I just hope it’s not too much. I’m working now, but I was unemployed for 7 months. And mortgages never sleep. Ditto life sustenance.
When I get the MPIHP statement, I will give you the details. I’m guessing they’ll pay about $3500 and St. John’s will take it. The world of medicine and insurance; racket from all sides.
Once again, god bless my union and my health plan.


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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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