Foodporn: Making sugarless chocolate

I thought I had already put my chocolate recipe here. Guess not.

I have cut out ALL sugar (refined) from my diet. Yes, that includes HFCS and grape concentrate (or whatever it’s called). My mind is right about no sugar, but the mouth often wants something sweet after a meal. I keep fruit in the house for that. And fruit that is low on the Glycemic Index; cherry, apple, pear, plum, orange, grape, kiwi.

Refined sugar is quickly absorbed into blood, raising blood sugar. Get it! The pancreas then released insulin. Not good; insulin promotes cancer cell growth. And don’t think just b/c you don’t have any tumors that you don’t have cancer cells.

Anyhow ………. chocolate. There are numerous claims that chocolate, or ingredients of, are some sort of great super anti-cancer weapons. OK, good. I just like the taste of chocolate. I snooped around and found a recipe for sugarless (refined) chocolate. After a few batches, I have come to this:

Chuck Chocolate

1 cup cocoa butter – grated

1 cup virgin coconut oil

1 cup raw organic cocoa powder

3 tbsp. Lucuma powder (for creaminess)

3 tbsp. agave syrup

20 drops Stevia (some smaller bottles have a dropper)

A dash of salt

1 handful cut/crushed almonds

Use or fashion a double boiler on low heat just to melt it all. Stir. I discovered the concept of tempering from a co-worker. I take it off the heat for about 30:00 to cool it to 80 degrees (get a kitchen thermometer; 0-200 degrees), then put it back on for a few minutes to go back up to 88 degrees. Stir often. Mysterious kitchen chemistry then gives the chocolate a certain surface gloss so it is not QUITE as gooey when eaten. I still have to lick my fingers, but it’s a bit less messy. I pour it into a pie pan (my 12″ pan makes it about 3/8″ thick) and refrigerate after it has cooled a bit. Next morning I break it up and put it in some plastic container that is kept in the fridge.

No, I don’t have the nutritional information. It has fat for me to add weight, it has some cancer fighters, and it has no refined sugar. It’s GOOD, and it’s GOOD for me.

I get most of the ingredients at Amazon.

One could add numerous things to the mix aside from almonds. I’m considering some peppers, cayenne powder, herbs, seeds, etc. But since almonds are another super-duper cancer fighter …………………………………, and they taste good.

Cacao butter

The rest of the ingredients

It’s cooling back down to 80 degrees……

…….and now it’s heating back up to 88 degrees.

Then I let it cool, stirring often, pour it into a non-stick pie pan, and eventually put it in the refrigerator. Tomorrow I will break it up.

I have a few happy customers, including a couple young girls, so it passes the kid sweetness test. Brigitte is not fond of the Stevia flavor, but then she grew up in a German cafe/konditorei, so she has rather high standards for chocolate. And she, like us all, SHOULD avoid sugar, but so far, does not HAVE to do so. (4 commas in one short sentence; not bad!)


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2 Responses to Foodporn: Making sugarless chocolate

  1. Christine Kruttschnitt says:

    You have to check out this store on Abbott Kinney, “Chocovivo”: It is like a wine tasting bar for chocolate (I know, I know, crazy people). I tried it last weekend, and I think they have chocolate that is actually delicious WITHOUT sugar. — Or maybe you should just open your own place.

    • chucksnuc says:

      Yeah, I have only found one chocolate w/o sugar, but it had fake sugar, which is probably MORE dangerous than sugar.
      As many people that love chocolate, I’m surprised that there are not more sugar/fake sugar-free versions.

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