$11,716.90 > $ 2177.00

I just got the bill from St John’s for my ER visit.

St. John’s billed $11,716.90.

Motion Picture (MPIHP) paid $2177.

I pay $353.

What other service outfits agree to an 80% discount? If it was ME instead of my insurance company, for what would the hospital settle? Could I send a check for 20% of the amount billed and avoid jail  time? I find this game deplorable. Maybe ‘game’ is not accurate to describe the health care industry, but this whole market is being gamed. Gamed by the vendors and insurance outfits. The market is not working. Just like the railroads of the  19th Century and stock market of the ………….. any time, this industry needs regulation and policing. After all, healthcare is certainly a  big part of ‘public safety’, and I believe the US Constitution mentions that somewhere.

Next: more chocolate porn.


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If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
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