This posting was stuck in the ‘Drafts’ folder, and I just noticed it. Better late than never. Not that it’s breaking news or anything………..


It occurs to me that ‘diet’ has a few definitions. I tend to use the first. Many use the second.

diet 1 |ˈdī-it|
1.the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats : a vegetarian diet | a specialist in diet.
2. a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons : I’m going on a diet.

Looking closely at the second, I guess I could say I’m in group #2, same as most every woman in America; I’m restricting my ‘diet’. I just want to prevent the tumors from returning. Most restrict in order to lose weight, but that ain’t me right now!

So here are a few statements from a faithful reader/consultant/friend …………

 Thanks. And instead of faithful reader, it could be – confessed ‘white foods’ addict 😉
P.S. A lot of fat in chocolate, huh? Two cups for one batch! Good fats, I know. No judging, just more than I thought.  Also, no mention of savory or pungent chocolate –where’s that garlic? Actually, if you roasted the garlic first, it could get interesting.

I want to try it, and also wonder…………just how much did that homemade chocolate bar cost you? (as in dollars and cents) Wherein you could ask me………just how much did that traditional chocolate bar cost you?? (as in sugar, fat, unhealthful side effects) And you would be right. So, I am going to share something with you –
I am on a personal journey at the moment. Not trying to cut out/take away any thing garbage wise, junk food, fast food, white food. For someone like me, who was raised that food is love, that food is a coping mechanism, if you say anything that smacks of denial or depravation, ‘taking away’ a security blanket turns the panic sensors on high alert. Pathetic yes, but there you have it.
But, instead, I have turned it the other way around. I am giving myself all the powerful nutrient dense vegetables and fruits I can hold, a minimum of five-six full servings. After that, I can have all the crap I want. Cookies, ice cream, chocolate, fast food, etc. The trick is – I don’t want it any more, I’m too full to eat anything else. Not that I can’t have it, I just don’t want it.
Something good is happening. Having just completed the first full week of this (and I’m sorry to say that eating more veg/fruits was not my idea, there is an organizational/team competition going on right now) my taste buds are already changing. The natural taste of food is better. A small amount of sweetness is potent, fruit tastes like a treat. And this morning I woke up with a renewed energy level. I had always said I needed to face my demons and change my lifestyle before I hit 60. (I expect to live to a minimum of 90). Well, I just turned 58. Two years, to accomplish a lasting, permanent change. I feel like I’m trying to kick a drug habit.  
They say that if your share your goals and your journey, you have a higher likelihood of success. So, I’m putting it out there. Your blog actually helps me, as you live it and work it. Thanks for that. Now if you will excuse me, my broccoli & cauliflower are waiting.

Currently, my restrictions are for a different result, but I am realizing that we ALL should restrict ourselves to a HEALTHY diet. Lose fat, fight tumors, feel better, etc; w/ some variations it is the same diet for everyone over the age of 5.

Brigitte is allergic to garlic, so Chuckie’s Garlic Chocolate is way down on the list. But maybe some cayenne chocolate! I’m taking non-sugar/non-chemical suggestions, but only if you have the recipe, AND a testimonial.

Bon appetit!


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