Supplements for life?


This is from a shop (Reflections) at UCLA. They sell things for cancer folk, mainly hats, scarves, and wigs. But they have a cabinet of supplements for people like me who realize that the cancer is IN me, and I need to always strive to keep away the tumors.

So here are a couple new items that I’ve discovered, or realized was not consuming enough. (awkward syntax; sorry – at least I didn’t end a sentence w/ a preposition!)

Fish is for weight and something else. D is for bones and something real important. When in doubt, I’ll just figure it’s a good antioxidant. Wipe that smirk off your face, dear reader – I’m glad just to remember The List of what is Anti-cancer and what is Pro-cancer. Remembering, and first learning, the reasons is usually the result of a 6-year degree.

Time, and more education, will tell whether I need to consume these supplements from here on, or just for a while. This is in addition to turmeric (or curcumin) and resveratrol I take already. As such, I fit into a very large cohort; those who support the medical/pharmaceutical complex w/ their absurd belief in pills over nutrition.

Now git on out there to Whole Foods, pick up some organic vegetables and whole grains, fix your own dinner, and …………………….. Bon appetit!







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