Medical racket on the front page

Remember a few months back I was complaining about the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex and the manipulation of charges? Seems that the LATimes has noticed this also;,0,484089.story

Read it (and my rant), and then start asking questions of your doctors, their staff, and your medical insurance company. We defer to our doctor’s knowledge regarding our medical treatment, and rightly so. In an emergency or life-threatening situation the response is usually, “OK doctor, let’s do whatever it takes.”

And that is the point at which we become candy for this whole racket.

My surgeries? I did as I was told, and have no regret. Those two quarterbacks threw the long bomb and won the game. Chemo and radiation? Same thing. It was all at UCLA and I was under the care of a ‘team’.

But now I am in the maintenance mode, and that will last a lifetime. I have declined antibiotics from various doctors a few times because the situations were not grave, and I know about the general over-use of these drugs in our society. Overuse that leads to unsavory consequences individually and as a community.

A few months ago I expressed concern about all the radiation I am enduring due to treatment and follow-up. Consequently, my oncologist told me that an MRI only would suffice for my subsequent scans. We could skip the PET scan radiation bomb. All I did was ask. Well, maybe complain and then ask.

And now the next time I have a scan (June ’13), I will also make a few calls around to various imaging clinics just to see what these pictures are going to cost. Or maybe I’ll just call Motion Picture Industry Health Plan and ask them if they pay the same rate no matter what the vendor may charge. And then ask what my co-pay would be w/ various charges. MPIHP used to be fantastic, but now it’s just very good; there are a lot more co-pays than in the past.

Keep your eyes open, dear reader, look for the big picture, and ask a few questions.


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3 Responses to Medical racket on the front page

  1. johnny beyers says:

    ….. ASK QUESTIONS! Exactly!!
    will call you on June 14-

  2. My husband’s sister was diagnosed with SNUC a week ago. If you go to and search for juliebreuker you can find her. Any encouragement or information you can offer would be appreciated! She is at University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Thanks so much.

  3. chucksnuc says:

    You found this site. That is, hopefully, one bit of encouragement for your sister-in-law. Have her start at the bottom and work her way up. It gets better that way.
    It will suck. Maybe she will get lucky and not be nauseous. The radiation will burn her, in and out. The chemo will give her constipation that results in marble-sized stool that feels like sand paper. But ……… she will get back her Size 1 figure and she will get better. Then she will have a new diet, if she is smart.
    It will make her a better person. Staring down mortality seems to have that effect.

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