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For all of my adult life I have looked younger than my years. Clean livin’? To an extent, but I was never a saint. No drugs, no (or very few) drinking binges, no smoking, not eating stupid, and since I met Brigitte, eating smart. Perhaps the scourge of greasy skin and acne I had as a teenager has also helped; my skin was never dry.

But now the radiation is drying me out. And pounding the shit out of me. So my days of “dude, you don’t look (fill in the blank)” are coming to an end. By the end of October, I believe I will definitely look  my age, and then some.

So here is installment #1 of “Aging”.

9/6/11 – before The Onslaught

9/18/11 – right before The Onslaught

10/4/11 – 2 weeks into it.

10/4/11 – 2 weeks into it.

9/4/11 – 2 weeks into it.

9/4/11  – 2 weeks into it ………… and aging.

Oh, I just noticed the rash/pimples on the neck and shoulder. That is another benefit of radiation treatment. It itches.

Stay tuned for more. I think you’ll  like it.


Here are the same pix as on the main page; the bald shots, plus a couple more.

Now I  feel just like another man (around 30-50) who starts to lose his hair (virility?), and instead of some fruitless battle (and money extraction) decides to embrace it (or maybe it’s a very masculine bear hug) and go ALL the way in the other direction. That’s cool, just requires more work, as it appears it must be shaved every week or so. But you make it up in the shower! I like that part.

Remember (are you over 50?) Garo Yepremian? He was a kicker for the Miami Dolphins in the 60’s. Even as a kid, I thought he looked like a stud. BALD w/ bushy hair around the back, and kick-ass sideburns. There’s a fella who went w/ what he had and made it ………………. virile.

Just don’t tell me I look like that psycho (Loughner) who shot AZ representative Giffords. Plus my smile is more Ron Reagan than the smirk of that clown. These are from 9/8/11.

10/16/11 – after 4 weeks



I am slowly growing younger. A little more muscle, weight (152!), less pain, smooth skin, etc. I walk about 60:00 per day. When this damn G-Tube is removed I will be able to run and jump around w/o that area hurting. I take all nutrition through my mouth, but it is hard to eat 2000 calories/day when on a cancer diet; no sugar and very little fat = few calories. Yes, I am eating plenty of avocados. I still chug a can of that Isosource for a quick 375 calories. Maybe not for long.

No close-ups of the G-Tube; this is a clean Web page! Sorta. The strap around my neck is to hold up the end so it does not dangle and pull on the ‘connection’ to me.

I wonder if some of those wrinkles will disappear. No worries, just put on some more Emu oil, mate! I guess that’s how it will happen. I’ll stop worrying soon. Maybe after we pay the first installment of our taxes for this year.

“Hair’s gettin’ a little shaggy there. Get a haircut!”

Uhhhh, I am not currently worried about my cholesterol (was 259 in ’10). Jogging and weights lowered it to 200 in mid ’11, but now I’m on the OncoSlim diet, and I guarantee it’s way down now. Maybe when I hit a hefty 160 lbs. I’ll give it a thought. Right now it’s 1 egg/day to get some calories and protein. I might even step up to two!



See more about the hair on Hair; Whose?


4 Responses to Aging

  1. Lesli (no 'e' required) says:

    For what it’s worth, I gotta tell ya –
    Balder? Yeah.
    Thinner? Yeah.
    Older? Not so much.
    And a smile would go along way right about now. Got teeth?
    You are fighting to win, right? I truly cannot think of anyone who has a better shot at it than you. And I see a LOT of cancer. Keep up the good work, champ; the victory lap awaits.

  2. chucksnuc says:

    Thanks, Lesli.
    I will slip by this time.
    I’m not so sure about the concept of a victory lap. I’ll watch what I eat, drink, and do in general. That will keep the sleeping beast …………. asleep. B/c the beast is in me.
    And I’ve been thinking; 150 years of Industrial Revolution, industrial farming for maybe 50 years, sedentary lifestyle – I think cancer may be in ALL of us.
    En garde!

  3. Caroline Woolsey says:

    Hi Chuck –
    You must be down to just a few more days now — that is awesome!! I know it must still feel like an eternity, but you are almost there. We have been thinking a lot about you and Brigitte and hope you are doing ok. Once your taste buds return and eating becomes enjoyable again, we are ready to have you over for dinner (I promise no baby food!).
    Caroline Woolsey

    • chucksnuc says:

      That’s a deal!
      And yesssssss, 7 more punishments. That’s seven. Single digit.
      Taste buds? We shall see how long. HOW long? How LONG? How long will this bullshit go on?
      (Bonus point – to whom am I making an homage?)

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